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LuckyFeed — platform
for the content traffic monetization

  • 25+ GEOs available: Europe, Latam, the CIS
  • Unlimited capping and the best terms from direct advertisers — we monetize any traffic volumes
  • Monetize the push-database collected from your traffic to generate passive income — up to +20% to your revenue

How to monetize
news traffic

monetization step image
Choose an article and drive traffic to it
The target webpage can be suggested by your personal manager or added by yourself
monetization step image
The content webpage contains ad units
The algorithms of LuckyFeed deliver only the most profitable ad units to users
monetization step image
The traffic is monetized based on multiple models including CPA, CPC, CPM
We are constantly running tests in order to define the most effective monetization models
Why LuckyFeed

5+ years in content arbitrage and 1,5 billion yearly users on our partner websites. It contributes to our expertise and provide traffic volumes as well as enable us to run tests on every step.

Engaging content
We extend our contents with 100+ articles daily for 30+ GEOs, defining the most popular ones, and sharing recommendations with our partners
UI for the highest effectiveness
We are constantly working to improve the way our content websites appear. We test their designs, navigation, and other elements in order to maximize the conversions
Top-notch ad technology
We test all the existing ad formats as well as develop new algorithms to monetize your traffic in the most effective way possible
Exclusive terms from our partners
We run split-tests with competitors. Thanks to testing the ad delivery on huge volumes of traffic we get the best conditions in the market
Other advantages
Convenient affiliate network
Personal assistance for every partner, detailed statistics, and comfortable money withdrawal
Technology platform
Smart ad rotation, ability to set up the ad delivery, and the built-in push-service which adds +15% of passive income
Extra monetization of your traffic and up to 20% to revenue
Are you working with another vertical? Enable extra monetization from LuckyFeed and get extra profit from your remnant traffic which did not convert on the promoted offer
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Become a partner
We are focused on long-term cooperation and
considerable volumes of high-quality traffic, this is why public access to the platform is not provided
You can access the platform either upon recommendation of one of our current partners or after an interview with one of our managers
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